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Every once in a while I go through the old books on my shelves for no other reason than I love to pick them up and get a feel for them again. The oldest one I have is 208 years old, published in 1806. It’s dirty, ratty and falling apart, but it’s one of my favourites.

old book with ads   complete works of shakespeare

Beside it on the shelf is this little beauty. It doesn’t list a copyright date, but if the ads inside are any indication, I’m guessing it’s about a hundred years old.

old book with small text

Like most of my other old books, it’s stained, dirty and the pages are so brittle I actually broke off a piece of a page just now while I was looking through it. (It didn’t tear, it actually chipped off in my hand). I was trying to be careful, but I just had to get a picture of the text. I mean, really, look at how tiny it is! Forget the “Invigorating Pills for Females” advertisement – this book should have had ads for eyeglasses!

old text bookWe’ve come a long way since this book was published – not only can you read Shakespeare on your e-reader of choice, but you can change the font size with a couple of quick clicks, making Portia’s speech infinitely easier on the eyes.

Now if only they could get my Kindle app to smell like the pages of a book. . .



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