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LURED IN is available at all e-book retailers!

laura drewry's Lured In

Jessie Todd's strength and courage are put to the test every time she gets near water - and since she's been living and working at the Buoys fishing lodge for most of her adult life, those tests happen on a daily basis. It's long past time for her to grab her courage by the horns and do something about her fear; to face the cause of it and find a way to finally wake up from the nightmares that plague her.

Finn O'Donnell knows what it means to be buried under the weight of guilt. He knows it's his fault his mom left so many years ago, and he knows that if she couldn't bring herself to love him, he sure as hell can't expect anyone else to do it. And until now, that was fine because he'd taught himself how to live without love, how to get by without trusting anyone and how to walk away before anyone makes the mistake of trusting him. Besides, Jess is the only woman he truly wants to trust but she's seen and knows too much; she'd be crazy to put her trust in a schmuck like him.

So what the hell is she doing trusting him with not only her nightmares, but her heart? She knows Finn won't want to hurt her or that he'd never do it on purpose, but she also knows it's inevitable. It's who Finn is.

Wrong. It's who Finn was. Hearing Jess say she loves him makes Finn believe he can be the guy she deserves, the guy he wants to be for her. And he sets a course to make that happen, a course that gets blown right off track when her ex shows up and makes her an offer she can't refuse.

Early reviews of LURED IN are saying things like "I'm here to tell you that fishing is sexy. . ." and "The fish whisperer is my new book boyfriend."

I hope you all enjoy Finn and Jessie's story!



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